The Art & Craft of Dhokra

Dhokra (or Dokra) is non–ferrous metal casting (With a history of more than 5000 years), practised in India using the ‘lost-wax casting’ technique.

Kotpad Handloom | A Tribal Creation

Kotpad Handloom is a naturally-dyed fabric woven by the tribal weavers of the Mirgan community from Odisha, India.

Madhubani Paintings | A Traditional Wall Art

Madhubani art (or Mithila painting) is practiced in the Mithila region the Indian Sub continent this painting is done with a variety of tools and using natural dyes and pigments.

Crafting One's Imagination.
Crafting One's Imagination.
A Beautiful piece of Indian Creativity
A Beautiful piece of Indian Creativity.
Magnificence is Handcrafted.
Magnificence is Handcrafted.
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Indian Creativity : An Extraordinary Treasure Trove

India, the Land of Yoga and Veda has carved out a distinct identity for its skilled craftsmanship.  Indian crafts have matured their creativity over thousands of years of history with imprints of its rich heritage, culture and traditions. Indian Artisans still follow same ethnic, traditional hand based processes to create products with unmatched artistic imagination. Certain tribes have carried these art forms as their distinct identity through generations.

We Sell in Bulk

We are exclusive B2B supplier of listed hand crafted products supplying to stores across the world. 

We offer attractive bulk discounts varying across product range. To know more about our offers and discounts,  Write to Us  

    Handcrafted Products

We exclusively deal with handcrafted products designed and developed by expert craftsmen and weavers.

 Traditional Value

We exclusively deal with products marked by a rich traditional value and ethnicity.

Prized Possessions

All our products are made using age old practices. Buyers consider them prized possessions.

    Priceless Creativity

Our products got enriched through their centuries long history. As they are made manually, each of them are unique & priceless.

 Prized Possessions

Our products are marked by rich traditional history and age old practices of hand crafting. Our buyers call them “Prized Possessions”

Fairtrade Practice

As advocates of FAIRTRADE, we are commited to society and destined to work for driving positive economic and social impacts.


We partner with sellers and artisan communities to maintain the value chain

We are working with artisan groups across 15 States of India for promotion and marketing their products.

We especially focus on products with more than a century old history and ethnic brand value. Artisanal groups associated with us carry a legacy of generations in making creative hand crafted products.

Our mission is to improve the lives of these artisans by offering opportunities for income generation and better livelihood. At the same time, we are also concerned that such creative skills survive and grow for time to come.

We are a socially sustainable for-profit business venture.

Pattachitra Painting

A traditional cloth based scroll painting from Odisha, India.

The oldest Tribal Art of India – Warli

Paintings by the Warli tribes from Western Ghat, India since 2500 BC,

Kosa Silk: A Variety of Tussar Silk

Known for it’s purity, soft texture, shine and lustre, From Central Indian region. 

Pipli-Applique art

A Traditional art from India, Applique incorporates stitching of small fabric.